GrayMatter’s Zero Trust Supply Chain Solution

Zero Trust Supply Chain Solution

GrayMatters is a provider of zero trust software solutions, specializing in secure supply chain management, as well as cutting-edge IT network security. Our technology brings all transactions, documentation, authorizations – every aspect of a process – together in one zero-trust, web-based interface. We help both government and commercial clients manage and secure their supply chains, providing unprecedented levels of accountability, auditability, and predictability from their data, while giving insights to their partners and suppliers through a controlled, distributed ledger that is immutable and can be trusted by all parties.


Our flexible blockchain platform can be used with any type of physical or digital asset and was designed for use by customers with complex global needs.

  • Brings all transactions, documentation, authorizations together in a web-based interface with unprecedented levels of accountability, auditability, and predictability.
  • SaaS built on the foundation of blockchain. We are the most sophisticated blockchain software, GovCloud approved, being operated on a major intelligence community enterprise.
  • Customizable, cost-effective, and integrable. We can combine it with any existing infrastructure system processes.


  • End-to-End Visibility of Assets (Track & Trace)
  • Smart Contracts
  • Streamlined Invoicing & Payments
  • Comprehensive Vendor Management & Performance Tracking
  • Consolidated Data for all Stakeholders
  • Generate Material History & Status
  • In-line Chat
  • IoT Integration
  • Immediate Reporting
  • Easy & Trustworthy Auditing
  • AI/Predictive Maintenance

GrayMatters ’s blockchain-enabled platform provides a shared experience in which even non-trusting parties can do business together because the platform automates, tracks, audits, and secures the entire supply chain.

You may not trust every person you do business with, but you can trust the GrayMatters platform.

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