WaveDancer Offers Visibility + Security to Global Supply Chains

See the MaverixTM Platform on Company’s New Website

FAIRFAX, VA, December 12, 2022 – WaveDancer, Inc., (NASDAQ: WAVD) announced today that the Company launched a new website showcasing their commercial, permissioned blockchain-enabled supply chain management platform, Maverix. Check out this video to see how it works.

Organizations are looking to incorporate blockchain into their business transformation efforts for several reasons. Unlike traditional databases, blockchain data can never be reversed or altered. Every piece of data on the blockchain can be visible to all stakeholders (based on their roles), making it a very transparent and trustworthy system.

“There are other systems out there that can provide track and trace, data analytics or digitized records. But there is nothing that can do all these things with the added security of blockchain,” said Heather Tortorelli, WaveDancer’s Chief Growth Officer. “With the additional layer of blockchain technology, our platform offers customers a transparent and trustworthy system that is unmatched in the industry. Our new website reflects our focus on building a world-class platform that solves common supply chain problems around visibility, data disparities, siloed systems, and a lack of trust.”

WaveDancer first developed a custom blockchain-enabled product for a US Intelligence agency that was managing a complex, global supply chain. The system offered them unprecedented levels of accountability, auditability, and predictability from their data while giving insights to their partners and suppliers through a controlled, distributed ledger that is immutable and can be trusted by everyone.  

From there WaveDancer built out their commercial platform, Maverix, as a SaaS platform offering, built on Hyperledger Fabric. It delivers a foundation of track and trace capabilities, encrypted communications, role-based access controls, and easy auditability, Maverix also offers modules for more robust data capture including contracts and vendor management, inventory or warehouse management, governance, advanced auditing, and perhaps most importantly, predictive analytics through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Every product WaveDancer builds is architected and designed to be:

      • Modular and extensible

      • Deployable in multiple environments

      • Technologically agnostic

      • Integrable with existing systems; no need to rip & replace anything

      • Extremely secure – at the system level and at the data level

      • Flexible to accommodate any requirement through add-on features that can be added or configured within the platform

      • Very user-friendly with an intuitive UX/UI that is easy to navigate

      • Configurable for various roles within an organization or ecosystem – we offer a dynamic way of provisioning that allows granularity of access controls


    About WaveDancer

    WaveDancer (www.wavedancer.com), headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, offers Web3 blockchain-enabled software solutions for supply chain security. We help organizations manage very complex supply chain challenges in order to gain unprecedented levels of accountability, auditability, and predictability from their data, while giving insights to their partners and suppliers through a controlled, distributed ledger that is immutable and can be trusted by all parties. WaveDancer’s blockchain platform is offered on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace for GovCloud and supports secure supply chain requirements for critical government missions.

    Additional information for investors

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