WaveDancer and Cyber Intell Solutions (“CIS”) Announce Strategic Partnership

Combines WaveDancer’s secure supply chain and blockchain capabilities with CIS’ globally-deployed encrypted and anonymous networks

Annapolis, MD- February 25, 2022- WaveDancer (NASDAQ: WAVD), and CIS are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic partnership. With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of securing American corporate and government supply chain infrastructure, organizations recognize that they need to accelerate the development of secure supply chain management (SCM) technologies backed by anonymous and encrypted communications solutions. The WaveDancer-CIS partnership brings together deep skills in cybersecurity, blockchain, and encryption as well as design of secure communication and data transport capabilities.

“In an age of unprecedented global unrest, our new partnership is a powerful combination. WaveDancer’s understanding of complex global supply chains and its deep engineering expertise combined with CIS’ revolutionary approach to secure and anonymous communications will greatly enhance the supply chain security of government organizations and corporations,” said Jeff Gerald Chief of Blockchain at WaveDancer. “With IT infrastructure located in over 30 countries and unique tradecraft in anonymizing communications, we believe the CIS platform greatly enhances the security of our customers’ critical supply chains and will result in significant increases in data and communications security for our partners.”

“Partnering with WaveDancer to deliver an integrated secure supply chain and data security capability that combines the power of blockchain with a quantum-resistant, secure and anonymous communications package will give government agencies and corporations assurance that their transactions and data are transparent, secure and anonymous,” said Alex Purta, CEO of CIS. “Together, working as a single team, we will unlock the full potential of blockchain and our unique approach to cybersecurity and place our clients on the most resilient posture and in the best position to avoid costly security breaches.”

As part of the new partnership, WaveDancer and CIS will co-locate in a facility with the location to be determined.

About WaveDancer

WaveDancer (www.wavedancer.com), headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, is a provider of zero trust software solutions, specializing in secure supply chain management, asset tracking and security. Our software solutions are in production in support of the complex global missions of

US Government customers. Initially developed to secure a complex international supply chain for a global U.S. Government national security organization, the ground-breaking technology has matured to an operational capability. First, beginning as a research and development project the sophisticated blockchain technology is being made available to the entirety of the United States Government (USG) through GovCloud. The USG has requested additional technology SCM support in new, critical mission areas. The WaveDancer solution can also be transitioned to corporate organizations through an independent acquisition pipeline.

About CIS

CIS was founded by communications experts possessing decades of experience at the vanguard of the United States special operation mission. The company’s core technology offerings include quantum-resistant encrypted networks designed to provide unparalleled protection and anonymity for data-in-transit, data at-rest, and secure communications. CIS technology deploys rapidly and provides anonymous, dynamic, encrypted network platforms and end user devices for various cyber oriented tasks. CIS offers multifunctional low weight products which are easy to use, and support a variety of operational missions. The infrastructure can be configured per customer request on non-attributable Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Virtual Servers, Bare metal servers, physical servers or existing infrastructure.

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