AI/ML can be your Supply Chain Management Secret Weapon

What happens when your SCM system provides true, end-to-end digital tracking with data you can trust? You suddenly have the ability to analyze vast amounts of data to identify trends and anomalies, recommend areas for optimization, anticipate bottlenecks, and much more.

Our Maverix® Platform is built on blockchain, so the data is secure and trustworthy. With a mobile app and our ability to integrate with existing systems, we are bringing clients the full supply chain transparency they’ve dreamed of… Upon this treasure trove of trusted data we can now build a library of AI/Machine Learning models to deliver predictive analytics and automations.

Each Maverix installation can be tailored to provide a multi-dimensional view of assets and capture insights from your structured and unstructured data, as well as from 3rd party and open source data. By running our models on an immutable data source you can confidently make decisions that will save money, reduce risk, and optimize your overall supply chain performance.

  • Delay detection
  • Demand patterns
  • Customer preferences
  • Inventory needs
  • Cost & schedule impacts
  • Supplier compliance
  • Vendor performance
  • Audit resolutions

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  • Cost Reduction – Slashes the labor overhead of creating, updating, and verifying documents.

  • Error Reduction – Minimizes human error, reduces costly mistakes that could lead to fines or legal liability, especially critical when handling hazardous/regulated materials.

  • Current Compliance – Automatically incorporating the latest regulations helps prevent penalties and maintain regulatory standing.
  • Labor Cost Savings – Reduce the need for a large customer service team.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction – Quick and accurate responses improve customer satisfaction.

  • Efficient Resource Allocation – Human customer service freed to handle complex issues, optimizing skilled labor use and operational efficiency.
  • Preventive Cost Savings – Early risk identification can prevent incidents with both cost and brand implications.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making – Leveraging LLMs for data analysis means more informed decisions, better strategic choices and potential cost savings.

  • Consistent Compliance – Maintaining compliance through proactive risk management can prevent fines and legal issues while reducing costs. 
  • Market Expansion – Open new territories efficiently by easily serving multiple languages.

  • Customer Retention – Enhancing customer experience for non-English speakers drives higher loyalty.

  • Lower Overhead – Reduce translation costs and hire fewer multilingual staff. 
  • Continuous Service – Customer needs are always met and anytime access increases sales opportunities.

  • Customer Satisfaction – Constant availability improves customer experience, retention, sales potential.
  • Scalability – Expand customer service coverage during peak times without additional human resources.
  • Customer Trust – Maintain high service standards even with high volume, building trust and loyalty.
  • Efficiency – Resources are not overstretched, maintain operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
AI- Artificial Intelligence

“Successfully implementing AI-enabled supply-chain management has enabled early adopters to improve logistics costs by 15 percent, inventory levels by 35 percent and service levels by 65 percent, compared with slower-moving competitors.”

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