Supply Chain Management for Construction Companies

Today more than ever, you need end-to-end transparency in your supply chain. If you can prevent bottlenecks and anticipate delays, you can keep projects from grinding to a halt.

Our Maverix® platform organizes logistics that are currently managed by siloed systems – often spreadsheets. We can integrate with many existing systems, including ProCore®. Most importantly, Maverix is built on blockchain, making your data inherently secure and trustworthy.  Vendors and partners have only the access they need. Our mobile app means all important data is captured – on site, in a warehouse, wherever.

Trusted digital data opens up a whole new world of actionable insights – workflow optimization, instant audits, predictive analytics, and much more.

We began by building global asset tracking and logistics systems for the defense industry. Today, we help private companies save time and money by creating digital “control towers” tailored to each business.


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Issue Resolution

Here are just a few Maverix® benefits:

Avoid work stoppages by pivoting proactively when you know a delivery is delayed.

Click to chat with architects and subcontractors – and get instant updates on problems or statuses.

Resolve disputes instantly by drilling down on a purchase order, delivery verification, photos of the product, and all related documents.

Get onsite data in real-time with an easy to use mobile app that keeps everyone updated on production, deliveries and paperwork.

Optimize workflows with your teams and subcontractors.

Streamline processes – automate verification and payments when specific conditions are met.

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