Solving Real World Problems Using Blockchain

While Bitcoin introduced blockchain to the world, the technology itself is rapidly gaining recognition for the various applications it can provide to the operations of transnational corporations, including logistics and transportation of goods. We talk to a lot of companies that are concerned about the then immense opportunity for fraud and human error within complex, global transactions. Fortunately, blockchain can provide supply chain managers with the visibility, security, and transparency that is absolutely necessary for these scenarios.

Here’s a great article from Finance Magnates that gives specific examples of “How Transnational Businesses Are Using Blockchain to Solve Real World Problems” – ​

Blockchain can provide traceable, transparent, immutable documentation for procedures, transactions, authorizations, verifications – potentially every step in a company’s supply chain ecosystem. It establishes proof and trust across all the many steps products go through from start to finish. And most importantly, it provides protection from malicious or negligent behaviors that can unfortunately occur between parties.

WaveDancer’s Maverix TM Blockchain is called a “zero trust” solution because inherent in blockchain technology is the core principles of zero trust. It solves all of these complex supply chain and logistical challenges, from access to previously siloed data, to human error or fraud. Our technology platform is pretty radical and provides capabilities that are not widely available in the marketplace yet – but the need for them is certainly there.

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