Organize, access, analyze every data point
with Smart Document Management.

Multi-tiered, global supply chains depend on stacks of documentation – from purchase orders and product specs to licenses and bills of lading – it is nearly impossible to keep everything organized and accessible. 

Maybe you’ve started the digitalization journey and keep everything as PDFs. But that doesn’t make it any easier to organize or glean insights from the years of data locked in those documents.  Maverix® can ingest any and all documentation, including handwritten notes. It applies Optical Character Recognition to create text that can be parsed and categorized with high degrees of confidence.  

With one click you can open the Purchase Order to confirm what was contracted. 

Maverix® can instantaneously generate this across projects, suppliers, and periods of time. 

Quickly pull up the required documentation for verification so you can avoid timely delays. 

Even more, AI modeling can be applied to your document repository to detect anomalies across documents, analyze information across vendors, or predict future needs. Maverix will build a frame of reference based on the text of the document and its purpose. The more documents it reads, the smarter it gets. 

Everything you need, in one place, accessed with a few clicks. Let your documentation help you run your business more efficiently and effectively. 

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