How Blockchain Can Improve Cybersecurity

Although often overlooked, security is truly part of the blockchain DNA.  There are many use cases, such as supply chains, smart contracts, and identity management, where security alone makes blockchain a compelling technology to consider.​ Blockchain’s foundation of trust and protection is, in large part, why the momentum continues for decision makers to consider it as a valid technological solution to a lot of the common business problems we see with our customers. With a blockchain based data repository, daily business functions such as record-taking, transactions, and conversations are unable to be changed, altered, or deleted in any way, making it a reliable method to track all systems and channels within complex industries. The technology permanently registers each action, allowing for easy auditing and true data transparency

Blockchain technology also provides integrations that are crucial in most corporations since it helps identify a wide range of fraud a company may be susceptible to. While there are always going to be a learning curve with a game-changer technology like blockchain, there is no doubt that it will continue to drive innovative solutions to the many real world issues enterprises face on a daily basis.

Read more about it in this Forbes article: “Blockchain Can Improve The Cybersecurity of ICT Software and Assurance” –

We are proud to have officially developed MaverixTM Blockchain – WaveDancer’s proprietary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This platform brings together all transactions, documentation, authorizations, and every other aspect of a process in one zero-trust, web-based interface giving you an unprecedented level of accountability, auditability, and predictability.

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