Gray Matters Signs New Commercial Customer

Distribution company will use Maverix® to gain visibility across the supply chain and efficiencies across their operations.

ANNAPOLIS, MD, August 21, 2023 – Gray Matters, Inc. (GMI) announced today that they signed a large police supply and military distributor as a new commercial customer of their Maverix® platform. They will be using the technology to have real-time visibility over the production and shipment of items around the globe, and to enhance overall supply chain performance by better managing outbound logistics and inbound supply disruptions in order to anticipate issues and avoid costly delays.

“We are thrilled to be able to help customers better manage their complex supply chains and reduce their overall risk,” said Jamie Benoit, CEO of GMI.  “Maverix was purpose-built to connect customers with their supply chain ecosystem and give them a shared source of truth that can power data-driven decisions to help reduce costs and risk. This new partner is the perfect example of an industry leader that is ready to embrace a digital supply chain management system in order to gain insights that have been previously obscured.”

Gray Matters is managing logistics operations to create speed, security, fidelity, and efficiency in workflows that are currently burdened with manual, time-consuming, and insecure processes. They have constructed an integrated supply chain management software, powered by blockchain, that serves as secure digital connective tissue between disparate systems and entities within complex global supply chains.

Their Maverix platform is an easy-to-use digital control tower that consolidates disparate data for end-to-end visibility and insights into workflows, assets, and supply chains. Secured by blockchain, it delivers auditing, analytics, AI and automation that is trustworthy and actionable, helping customers save time and money.

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