Contested and Non-Standard Logistics in the Digital Age

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Low-signature activities in frontier and contested environments can pit situational realities against conventional business operations. GMI operates a Non-Standard Logistics Platform to bridge that gap, putting the power of a secure, responsive, rapidly deployable, and repeatable supply chain management capability and logistics network behind our partners.

Our approach is much more than novel and asymmetric logistics solutions. We shape our solutions to our partner’s resources on the ground. While we have access to a conventional global logistics capability, we can also build teams from within our networks tailored to specific partner requirements, sourced from specific areas of operation.

While commercial companies can be effectively utilized to fulfill mission needs, outsourcing certain activities to third-party vendors carries some level of risk. In these complex global logistics operations, customers are only as secure and efficient as the weakest link in their chain. Our solution mitigates your risks.

  • Increased due diligence over every level of supplier
  • Real-time, end-to-end visibility of assets and materials
  • Greater security with a quantum resistant communications solution
  • Ability to execute in opaque semi-permissive and non-permissive environments

A deep understanding of the getting things into hard-to-reach places is what drives GMI to develop innovative technology that serves as a control tower to connect our infrastructure and third-party partners in order to deliver bespoke solutions for better mission-enablement.


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