Know what’s happening, every step of the way.

Our initial blockchain platform was purpose-built to solve complex problems occurring within a critical, global supply chain managed by the U.S. Government. We evolved the technology into the full supply chain management system that is Maverix® – which can stand-alone or be integrated with existing systems to give you the visibility you want with the security that you need.


A fully integrated, cloud-based Web3 supply chain management platform only makes sense if it’s secured by blockchain.
Maverix® from Gray Matters– it’s not just what you want, it’s what you need.

Maverix Solves Key Supply Chain Challenges

You remain in complete control – Maverix is a permissioned system using the flexible and proven, open-source Hyperledger™ Fabric framework, the best blockchain for supply chain management.

Hyperledger Firefly™

Limited Visibility


Limited Visibility



Difficulty simply knowing where something is at any point; where it originated or if there is a delay or damage to a shipment.


Data Disparities


Data Discrepancy

Manual reconciliations that are time-consuming & labor-intensive but necessary to ID discrepancies.


Siloed Systems


siloed systems

Multiple information systems, inter- and intracompany, that do not communicate.


Lack of Trust


Lack of trust

A complex global stage with multiple players + lack of visibility + data mistakes + disconnected systems = no trust.


Low signature activities in frontier and contested environments require a Non-Standard Logistics Platform

Supply Chain Visibility + Blockchain Security

Now you can get the best of both worlds

Supply chain visibility

End-to-End Visibility

Maverix® brings together all transactions, documentation, authorizations – every aspect of a product or shipment – in one Web3 platform that provides an unprecedented level of accountability, auditability and predictability.

Unhackable security

Unhackable Security

Software supply chain attacks increased by 300% from 2020 to 2021.* With a complex supply chain you are only as secure as your weakest link. Data put on the blockchain can’t be altered or deleted making it ultra-secure.

* According to a study by Argon Security.


Transparency – Users and Data

Federal Agencies need more secure transparent tracking in every step of their chain. Having everyone on a shared ledger lets you see instantaneously what everyone is doing.

Issue Resolution

Immediate Issue Resolution

When issues arise, they can now be resolved in minutes instead of days, weeks or months. The new power to analyze every step and phase allows predictive modeling that can anticipate bottlenecks and identify risks.

Anticipate Needs, Problems and Opportunities

We leverage the power of blockchain to provide an unprecedented level of security and control. The icing on the cake? Our technology allows you to harness – and make sense of – all your data, so you can anticipate change and make meaningful predictions like never before.

End-to-End Tracking of Sensitive Equipment and Property

  • Review contracts and keep immutable notes
  • Automate payments with smart contracts
  • Communicate securely on an internal, shared platform
  • Apply robust analytics to identify risks and assess performance
  • Build trust amongst your multi-tier chain
  • Gain full real-time visibility over inventory
  • Forecast accurately to meet expected demand
  • Reduce bottlenecks with data-driven optimizations 
  • Increase safety with IoT integration & analytics
  • Automate recordings of delivery times and receipt of goods
  • Consolidated data & visibility for all stakeholders
  • Troubleshoot problems efficiently
  • Reconcile invoices quickly with transparent, trusted data
  • Conduct audits in minutes not days or weeks
  • Trigger alerts when conditions or data changes

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