Exploring a Blockchain-Based Election System

Blockchain based election

Online voting is complicated, but we believe there could be value in applying blockchain to a completely re-envisioned voting process. While there are mixed opinions on how this technology could help election fraud, investigating the entire voter supply chain process is still an interesting use case worth exploring for potential future solutions. Short of that, in our current paradigm, blockchain could have benefits to voter registration specifically.

Here’s a recent article from Computer Weekly that provides more details on how “Greenland investigates potential blockchain-based election system” – https://www.computerweekly.com/news/252526273/Greenland-investigate-potential-blockchain-based-election-system

According to this article, Greenland is currently exploring the possibility of creating a blockchain-based election system. Blockchain technology could also be the answer to an increased push for online voting in the United States. With the multitude of ways American citizens currently can vote – mail-in ballots, online ballots (in some states), punch cards, optical scan voting machines, and even direct-recording electronic voting machines – there are a number of evaluation factors for how and where its best to leverage blockchain. And securing one step of the process is helpful, but for true voting integrity, every step of the voter supply chain from registration to voter identification to the transmission of votes to secure reporting would need to be fortified. At this point, all we know is that what we have today isn’t working. Could blockchain be the answer to election integrity? We think it just might be. 

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