Cybersecurity Month – Tips to Protect your Digital Presence

In 2003, Homeland Security and the National Cybersecurity Alliance designated October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. During this month, multiple agencies, organizations, and companies work together to bring awareness to online crimes and how people and businesses can prevent these internet-based crimes.

We know that cyberattacks take place every day and can cost businesses millions of dollars and permanent damage. In this day and age, it is imperative to be proactive when it comes to protecting your digital assets. With that said, here are our tips to help keep you and your business stay safe when it comes to cybersecurity.

You Should Not:

  1. Use weak/default passwords for your Wi-Fi Router ISP.
  2. Leave crucial Private Personal Information (PPI) exposed on your device’s default storage. 
  3. Upload your information to the cloud by default or without express knowledge.
  4. Allow third-party applications to access your location, camera, and biometrics.
  5. Post on social media with geotagging.
  6. Use untrusted chat / VoIP apps.
  7. Bank on misconfigured devices.
  8. Allow your passwords to be web-cached or auto-remembered.

You Should:

  1. Use antivirus, anti-malware, and ransomware applications to help detect data farming.
  2. Turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you are not using them.
  3. Pay attention to Wi-Fi probing requests and MAC addresses so they don’t leak your digital signature footprint.
  4. Pay attention to phishing and man-in-the-middle vulnerabilities.

If you’re an over-achiever you can also:

  1. Use proprietary encryption software where you can control the logs.
  2. Eliminate all possible third-party providers and applications.
  3. Randomize your network accessibility to avoid Pattern of Life analytics and analysis.
  4. Implement hardening techniques at the gateway level and configure firewalls correctly.
  5. Replace your hardware, firewall, and software with the US-made versions.
  6. Re-route your traffic over private IP schemes instead of public IP schemes.
  7. Create encrypted vaults within mobile devices to keep sensitive data secure.
  8. Implement post-quantum cryptology on all operating systems and hardware.

WaveDancer’s products and technology help to protect and secure sensitive data. We understand the importance of keeping businesses and government enterprises safe from cyber-attacks. It is important to take the necessary steps to protect you and your business’s digital presence every single day, not just during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. We hope you stay diligent and stay safe!

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