Meet the Web3 Supply Chain Solution of Your Dreams


An IOT integrated, cloud-based supply chain system gives you the visibility you want.

Blockchain provides the security you need.

Built as a permissioned network using the flexible and proven, open-source Hyperledger™ Fabric framework, Maverix® gives your business complete control.

Out of the box Maverix® provides:

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Track and trace from the dashboard – it’s lightweight and easy to use.

Click to chat with a vendor – it’s all written to the chain, protecting sensitive communications.

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Vendors / partners only see what they need, when they need it.

Instant Audit Trail – instantly drill down to verify transactions.

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Add modules to Maverix® as needed, including:

Instant Audit

Advanced Auditing



Inventory Management

Inventory Management


IOT (Internet of Things)

Smart Contracts

Vendor Managment

Vendor Management

As a web3 solution, Maverix® removes the need for intermediaries and allows all parties in your supply chain to conduct business with confidence. The immutable nature of blockchain unleashes the power of Maverix to provide security across the platform and data you can trust, from granular daily logistics to powerful forecasting and analytics.

Integration of your entire supply chain into a single trusted data stream brings huge efficiencies.

Actionable Intelligence 


actionable intelligence

Apply machine learning and AI to extrapolate trends, risks and opportunities.

Time is Money


Time is Money

Everything moves faster: Smart Contracts, fewer intermediaries, instant audits.

Risk Reduction


risk reduction

Transparency shines a light on everything from human error to malicious intent.

Ease of Use


ease of use

Maverix is intuitive, lightweight, not overwhelming like many systems.

Total Visibility



See WHERE your products are, WHO has handled them, and WHEN they will arrive.


Immutable Data


immutable data

Disputes are reduced up to 90%!

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