Predictive Analysis


A lot of supply chains still rely on manual processes – humans entering data via spreadsheets, documents, emails, or even hand-written white boards. These methods create huge opportunities for errors and mistakes and then make it extremely difficult, sometimes impossible, to troubleshoot problems or gain meaningful insights from the data. To troubleshoot issues our customer would have to call around and ask for documents to be sent – and even if they could eventually pinpoint problems, it would often be too late. They didn’t have enough digitized data to predict maintenance needs of their products post-production. Without good, reliable data, things like issue resolution, predictive maintenance or inventory management, are hard to execute.


We don’t believe in aggregating data for data’s sake. We work to integrate data from your existing systems in order to provide accountability and auditability, as well as a foundation for predictive analytics that yield smart decisions. At a quick glance you can see all your relevant data to track product or material performance, vendor performance, budget data, and more. From there, we apply Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning algorithms to help categorize and make sense of the data, predict trends, and anticipate needs such as upcoming maintenance or replacement timing. And since all this real-time data is secured on blockchain, the customer knows they can trust the data and therefore the forecasting and predictions they’re making from it. Ultimately it created less waste in their maintenance cycles and saved time and money when it came to auditing.

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