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A lot of supply chain data is reliant on humans entering data via spreadsheets, documents, emails, and even hand-written white boards. This leaves a lot on the table and our customer realized they may not even know what’s erroneous or missing. Troubleshooting in the old structure took too much time – they would call around and ask for documents to be sent – and even if they could eventually pinpoint problems, it would often be too late. They were often blindsided by maintenance or replacement needs on their products. There also had security breaches – everyone does – but they were not discovered until many months later. There was an overall inability to identify issues quickly, both within phases of the supply chain and certainly if the issue spanned the entire lifecycle.


We don’t believe in aggregating data for data’s sake. Our dashboards not only help with accountability and auditability but they offer predictability. Using Tableau, we display all relevant data so the customer can track product or material performance, vendor performance, budget data, and more. From there we utilize machine learning to predict trends and anticipate needs such as upcoming maintenance or replacement timing. And since all this real-time data is secured in our blockchain technology, the customer knows they can trust the data and therefore the forecasting and predictions they’re making from it. Ultimately it improved their operations and created a better customer experience.

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