Full Visibility of Materials, Products and Assets


“Track and trace” – the ability to see where goods are as they’re being sourced, manufactured and transported – is a big part of supply chain management. Because let’s face it – schedules slip, mistakes happen, and stuff disappears or winds up in the wrong place. Our customer was using spreadsheets and whiteboards to try and keep track of all this, but they didn’t have end-to-end insights of items in relation to each other. They needed to gain better control of their assets and reduce loss.


Maverix offers track and trace throughout the entire supply chain lifecycle. We offer integrated mapping that makes it easy to see where in the world your items are. Our process and workflows are intuitive and make it easier for users to enter, edit and manage their data. With our mobile app, workers at plants or warehouses can scan barcodes to quickly get information into the system. We integrate with IoT devices so you never lose sight of your goods even when they’re in transit or not in your control. Stored on the blockchain, the data being transmitted is secure and immutable. As a result, our customer has seen a reduction in products lost throughout the chain, saving them time and money.

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