Integrated, Streamlined Processes


There was no consistency in the customer’s supply chain and logistics operations; everyone was utilizing their own processes and workflows. The end result was a supply chain that was cobbled together with no holistic design and was grossly inefficient. There were multiple stakeholders and no one with direct ownership. Plus, they suffered from high turnover which resulted in no continuity of care. This decentralized management was further exacerbated by the organic nature of supply chains and ultimately resulted in many custom-tailored work-arounds and inefficiencies. Processes such as compliance or credit checks were happening manually and required weeks.


Our system provided all parties within the customer’s supply chain access to the same information, reducing communication and data transfer errors. Less time was spent validating data, and more time was spent on delivering goods and services – improving quality, reducing cost, or both.

The system also streamlined administrative processes by enabling an effective audit of the data processes, ultimately reducing costs. We accelerated their manual processes through a distributed ledger of all relevant information. Lastly, by enabling the automation of production activities throughout the supply chain, we significantly decreased the potential for human error. As a result, inaccuracies that lead to miscommunications and conflicts were erased. The customer has a much more efficient supply chain.

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