Multi-Tier, End-to-End Transparency


The customer wanted holistic insights, control and security over a very complex supply chain they managed. They needed a way to aggregate a lot of data that was distributed on multiple and varied platforms, including faxes, emails, letters, and white boards. There were too many disparate systems feeding into the chain, auditability challenges when there were discrepancies or disputes, and general inefficiencies in accounts payable and communications among partners and vendors. Most importantly they needed all the data in the supply chain to be irrefutably secure.


Our supply chain dashboard gave the customer end-to-end management of their vehicle supply chain workflow – from inception through destruction. And the backbone is our flexible, secure, and private blockchain technology. Every supplier, every partner, every contract is integrated into the system, allowing the customer to easily see what is going on, at any point in the process. They can drill down and view any point in the lifecycle – who touched, moved, or destroyed critical assets in their supply chain. And best of all, every record in the blockchain is immutable so they never had to guess whether their data was trustworthy.

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