Case Studies

All of our use cases stem from problems that were resulting in lost time, lost money, and products not being available or not being correct. At its core our MaverixTM platform provides end-to-end management and insights into the supply chain system, with the added security and assurances Blockchain provides. Through additional modules you can add benefits like smart contracting, mapping, and data analytics.

Quality Control

Component Integrity

Problem: The customer wanted complete confidence that there had been no tampering of any component of ...
Vendor Management

Vendor Management & Risk Reduction

Problem: The customer was having issues with visibility and management of a multi-tier, global vendor chain. ...
Track and Trace

Full Visibility of Materials, Products and Assets

Problem: “Track and trace” – the ability to see where goods are as they’re being sourced, ...
Trusted Data

Predictive Analysis

Problem: A lot of supply chains still rely on manual processes – humans entering data via ...
Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Problem: Often suppliers need to spend money upfront to begin the execution of their contract. Once ...
Streamlined process

Integrated, Streamlined Processes

Problem: There was no consistency in the customer’s supply chain and logistics operations; everyone was utilizing ...
End to End Transparency

Multi-Tier, End-to-End Transparency

Problem: The customer wanted holistic insights, control and security over a very complex supply chain they ...

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