Benefits of Blockchain for Logistics Providers 

Referred to as a “technological record-keeping ledger,” blockchain is a prime resource for third-party logistics (3PL) companies to improve supply chain management and the transparency of commerce. 

An article from Business Blockchain HQ provides deeper insight into “Why Logistics Providers Should Be Using Blockchain” –  

Since retailers rely on 3PLs for logistical needs, implementing a high-end blockchain system is vital for successful completion of steps ranging from procurement to transportation of goods between companies. Blockchain is specifically a valuable asset for shipping, as it optimizes product tracking and oversees multichannel sales and distribution strategies. 

A permissioned blockchain would allow organizations to create a tamper-resistant and decentralized record of trades that all parties can see. This will increase efficiency by enabling process automation that reduces paperwork and provides easy accessibility of information in digital form.  

Companies that have already implemented blockchain are at a supreme advantage for improving business tactics and access to information, ultimately making a dramatic difference in the world of commerce. 

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