AI is Transforming Supply Chains and E-Commerce Logistics 

Data-driven AI is proving to be an innovative tactic for improving supply chain and e-commerce logistics businesses as it automates monotonous workloads, leaving more time for workers to focus on imperative tasks and decisions.  

This article from Times Now takes a closer look at “How artificial intelligence is affecting supply chain and e-commerce logistics” –   

Since AI systems are enhancing each stage of the supply chain, the business benefits of merging AI into supply chain and logistics range from more accurate inventory management, better efficiency in warehouses, improved safety, lower costs of operations, and more timely deliveries.  

AI has revolutionized operations across the supply chain and e-commerce logistics, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. As the power of AI-driven technologies keep transforming, supply chains and e-commerce logistics will continue to evolve in their sustainability, efficiency, and profitability for businesses around the world. 

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